INTERRUPTED is a woman-owned clothing brand that believes one size fits no one. We create apparel that is versatile, made responsibly, and designed to provide women with options.
ATX Born | LA Made
Our clothing is designed in Austin and made in LA. We are committed to only producing with US companies that do so ethically.
We are a brand committed to responsible production; we partner with certified, USA, companies that pay workers fairly and reduce their impact on the planet. We are always striving to do better.Some additional information
Size Matters
Women’s sizing provides few options in lengths: so, we decided to make a pair of pants that do. Women are not all the same height, why is our clothing. Some additional information.
Innovation | Options
Long and flared, ruched up the sides, or cinched at the ankle; you decide how to wear them. Apparel that is made to be collected not consumed.
We use recycled, sustainable, and organic fabrics. We are creating slow-fashion: meant to be collected not consumed and deposited in a land fill.
Woman Owned
Marci Champion Ditzell, our founder, lives in Austin. She is surrounded by an amazing team of women that make INTERRUPTED possible. A collective determined to give women options.
Female Founded ATX Born

Get to know the founder:
Marci Champion Ditzell

So, how tall are you really?
I'm 5'10" barefoot...around 6'1" in heels. I talk about it here.

Favorite place to travel?
The beach, any beach, but I am partial to the North Shore of Oahu and Miami

Cocktail you always order?
Negroni. Prosecco if it is breakfast, obviously.

Dog or cat?
Dog, always. There’s a pretty good chance I will name one of our pants after my dog, Rook. You’ve been warned.

Your happy place is?
My backyard, floating in the pool

What’s your best quality?
Hmm, I’d say a toss up between: I’m a risk taker -or- I don’t believe in being offended. Life’s short: get over it.

Your worst?
I have a complete aversion to routine, sometimes* to my own detriment [*my husband would say often, but he’s wrong]

TV series you can watch on repeat?
Friends or Daisy Jones and The Six

Favorite band/singer?
Fleetwood Mac

Product you can’t live without?
All things from One Love Organics and Wildling.

Favorite quote?
“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller  **yep, I’m a Gen X-er, deal.

Woman Owned LA Made

We believe in apparel that is collected, not consumed: that is made to last, to be timeless, to survive trends, to provide options. We believe in lessening the impact we have on the planet and producing apparel in the country it was imagined. We believe in living a healthy and balanced life. We believe in giving back; in responsibility.